La Chaîne

The Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is an international gastronomic society dedicated to the enjoyment, promotion, preservation and appreciation of great cooking traditions and fine wines. The Chaîne, which was founded and is headquartered in Paris, has an international membership of more than 25,000 professional and non-professional members, with Bailliages (local chapters) in more than 80 countries on five continents. Read about our history

The Vancouver Bailliage

The Vancouver Chaîne, established in 1971, has 90 members. Our membership comprises professional (chefs, hoteliers, restaurateurs) and non-professional members from every walk of life who come together regularly in the spirit of friendship to enjoy collegial dinners that showcase excellent food, fine wines and the art of the table.

Our Events

Chaîne Dinners

The Vancouver Chaîne’s calendar of dining events typically features six to eight custom multi-course tasting dinners (with wine pairings) a year. These Chaîne member events, held at Vancouver’s top hotels and restaurants, feature the culinary creations of the city’s best chefs. Event formats range from a casual gourmet summer social to our black tie Induction dinner.

Ordre Mondial Tastings  

The Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (OM)  is a sub-group of the Chaîne whose mission is to advance the enjoyment, appreciation and knowledge of fine wines, spirits, beers and crafted beverages from around the world. OM events are typically casual, small group experiences that focus on tasting and learning about fine wines and spirits. The Vancouver Bailliage typically hosts four OM events a year.

Our Professional Members

We are proud to count many of Vancouver’s top chefs among our members – artists with a world-class reputation for culinary excellence. Our professional members are part of an international network of leading chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Our Chaîne Wine Cellar

One of the unique features of the Vancouver Chaîne is its 1,400-bottle wine collection, which affords members the opportunity to enjoy fine wines that can no longer be purchased or would be too expensive to enjoy in any other circumstance.

Promoting Young Talent

Part of the Chaîne’s international mandate is to support promising young chefs and sommeliers by providing scholarships and sponsoring world-leading competitions. Our professional members are mentors and major supporters of the Chaînes Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs and Jeunes Sommelier competitions.

Our Values

Members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs worldwide are united in their commitment to honouring the art of cuisine and the culture of the table, and of extending friendship and respect to their fellow members. The society’s stated values are:

  • Preserve the camaraderie and pleasure of the table
  • Promote excellence in all areas of hospitality
  • Encourage the development of young chefs and sommeliers worldwide
  • Hold national and international competitions to showcase upcoming talent
  • Be one of the key players in the transmission of knowledge
  • Provide International food support and aid to those in need
  • Develop training in the Hospitality and Food & Beverage industries.

Chaine Headquarters Paris

The international headquarters of la Chaine is located in Paris, this site is invaluable for information, current news and events as well as education:

This section of the International site allows for a map and geolocation of professional members world wide.  This can be very useful in trip and holiday planning:

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