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Dear Members and Friends of la Chaîne in Vancouver,

The Vancouver Bailiage is proud to welcome our newest member establishment the Shangri-La Hotel which has been honoured by a 5 Diamond award for 2013, recognized by Conde Nast as one of the best hotels in Canada and as the best city Hotel in Vancouver  by Travel and Leisure, we look forward to a very fruitful partnership and welcome both General Manager Vito Romeo and Executive Chef Scott Henderson as members.

Thank you for join us at the Shangri-La for the 2013 Intronization. This year’s formal induction ceremonies was conducted by the Bailli Delégué du Canada, Mr. David Tetrault. The ceremony started at 6:00 PM and was be followed by a reception at 6:45 with Portrait photography complimentary of the hotel and followed by dinner at 7:30 PM.”

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