On behalf of Vice Echanson Clement Lau, I invite you to join with your fellow members of the Vancouver Bailliage of La Chaîne as we celebrate the commencement of our 2022 fine dining season with an exceptional combination Ordre Mondial and Chaîne dinner at one of our region’s most exciting new restaurants. On Friday, April 8th, Chef Will Lew will welcome members of la Chaîne to the elegant Bruno Restaurant at the luxury boutique Versante Hotel in Richmond.

Chef Lew (who many of you will remember from the memorable World Chaîne Day “France versus BC” wine-tasting event held at the Hotel Vancouver in 2018), is applying his exquisite culinary talents to preparing a special dinner expressly for the enjoyment and appreciation of our Chaîne members. The dinner will be complemented by fine wines from the Chaîne cellar as selected by Chef together with Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique Bob Charlton.

As a unique prelude to our dinner, our group will be treated to a special fun tour of the elegant Versante Boutique Hotel’s exceptional facilities.

See you there!

Mme Ann Collette – Bailli
M. Clement Lau – Vice Echanson

Tour/Reception: 6:00 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm
Dress: Business and Ribbons

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